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The Wheel of Health - Supplementation
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The Wheel of Health - Relationships
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
How Well do You Know the State of Your Well-Being?


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How Well do You Know the State of Your Well-Being?

Through my practise as an Acupuncturist I am often impressed by how much effort people invest into researching and understanding their illness and the means in which to treat it.  And, despite the fact that many of us fall a bit short on understanding the complexities of human anatomy and physiology, the most important thing we need to recognize is how and why this condition manifested in the first place.

Chinese Medicine provides a holistic view of the body, taking into account diet and lifestyle, as well as the emotional and spiritual contributors of dis-ease. If, for example, the focus on treating the condition is exclusively on diet and medicine/supplementation and excluding other areas, such as emotional well being, the person may not heal.  So with this in mind, I'm introducing the Wheel of Health, which is a simple but really effective tool for bringing awareness to all areas of your life that make up your well being (click on to enlarge).

I encourage you to take some time to review the Wheel of Health and to consider which areas of your life are balanced and healthy and which parts may need some improvement. Then, draw a line through each piece of the pie at the point where you would estimate that part of your life to be. For instance if you're looking at the Diet/Nutrition piece and feel there is 75% room for improvement in your eating patterns, draw a horizontal line ¼ from the center of the wheel. If you feel that your nutritional requirements are being met, draw your line closer to the outer part of the wheel. The less balanced, the closer your line should be to the center of the wheel. Once you have completed filling in the pie, you'll have a pretty good idea of the areas where you think you are falling short and need to work on.

In subsequent blog posts, we'll be delving into each section of the pie, providing insight into your belief patterns and how your personal will influences this section, thus bringing more awareness to these aspects of your life.

This exercise is actually kind of fun and the benefits are enormous, so I encourage you to follow along and really get to know YOU and the state of your well-being!

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