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The Wheel of Health - Supplementation
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
How Well do You Know the State of Your Well-Being?


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The Wheel of Health - Relationships

Your Connection to Others

This week we're continuing with the second part of the Relationship segment of the Wheel of Health by taking a close look at your connection to the people in your life.

Recently I met a woman in a local bookstore who said to me 'Isn't it great that of all the souls out there we were the ones chosen to be on the train that was headed to earth at this point in time!"  It was a bold statement but I loved the metaphor of being hand picked (by God?) to get on a train that symbolized the journey from the soul world into a human life form at a time when the potential for great spiritual awakening is taking place on this planet.

Throughout your life other people (souls) will get on and off of this train.  Some will transfer to different trains (friends, lovers, partners, business associates), others will step off permanently (parents) and some will stay for long periods of time (children, friends, family).  These connections will often feel familiar, either instantaneously or intuitively, because they are actually soul memories; memories of experiences you had with these souls in different incarnations or lifetimes. 

In my clinic I will often use esoteric acupuncture to help patients work through the root of their health concerns, which usually stems from emotional pain in one form or another.  What I often hear from them is "I've already dealt with these issues of insecurity or fear" or whatever the emotion is.  However, healing these past emotions is rarely so clear-cut because there are often layers of suppressed feelings that stem from childhood as well as past life experiences. Esoteric acupuncture will often help reveal something about this life or a past lifetime that has not yet been addressed or unburdened.  "Whether we like it or not, the Universal Law of Karma constantly brings before each of us the meeting of our past use of free will* and consciousness. Thus, what we have done to other souls and they have done to us is reflected in the circumstances surrounding our present relationships and the basic, innate urges, attitudes and emotions we feel toward each other." says John Van Auken, a Director at the Edgar Cayce Organization.

With this in mind, I encourage you look at the people who are presently in your life and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do you value (ie: why is this relationship important to you, how do you show this, what is the integrity of the relationship)?
  • What is the quality of each of your relationships from family members to neighbours and business associates (ie: do I feel supported, valued, significant, is there room for improvement and in what way)?
  • What can this relationship teach me (ie: Is there something you need to change about yourself in order to heal a discrepancy, what emotional wounds does it bring up or what feelings of joy, love and connectivity is it showing you)?

By taking a close look at the people you choose to interact with (this is always an act of free will), observing the nature of each relationship and the emotions attached to it, and finally becoming aware of what the lesson is in these relationships, you can change your perspective, your behaviour and even heal past and future life karma.  One of my spiritual teachers advised me that whenever you feel emotional pain, take the opportunity to explore it because that is where the 'gold' dwells.  In other words, delving into the discomfort that is triggered by an interaction with another person or situation will provide you with the psychological and spiritual insight into a belief that you need to change about the other person, the situation or yourself. 

When relationships are viewed from a past-life perspective, the dynamics of behavior, including the attitudes and emotions in a relationship, become more than just personality traits.  They provide insight into past trauma and also provide the platform for an terrific opportunity for personal growth.

*free will - is a philosophical term where people can choose a course of action from among various alternatives.  For absolute control of your life and for destroying past and future cause of failure, free will must be used wisely in every undertaking. 

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