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The Wheel of Health - Supplementation
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
The Wheel of Health - Relationships
How Well do You Know the State of Your Well-Being?


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The Wheel of Health - Supplementation


Today we are moving on to the second piece of the Wheel of Health; Supplementation.

Supplementation is defined as "adding to complete something, supplying a deficiency, or reinforcing or extending a whole".  So when applied to supplementing your health, you are reinforcing not only your physical well being but also your mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Vitamins and Minerals
To supplement or not to supplement - because there are so many variables that are intrinsic to each individual, vitamin and mineral supplementation will depend on:
  • age
  • sex
  • genetics/constitution
  • state of the digestive system (digestion, absorption, assimilation)
  • stress factors
  • medical history
  • quality of food in your diet
Vitamin and Amino Acid Injections are now available at the clinic for people who are low in energy or recovering from an illness. In February 2016 the clinic will also be offering Intravenous Vitamin Therapy which will aid people with poor digestive systems, anyone with difficulty in assimilating vitamins/minerals or even to recover from a bad hangover (vitamin C can only be administered intravenously as it is to painful to inject subcutaneously).

Body Work
We live in a society where a plethora of physical and energetic practises are available to keep your body supple and in balance. Massage, Chiropractic work, Physiotherapy, and Acupuncture are some of the more well known and commonly practised forms of body work.

If you’re finding it difficult to balance the different elements of your life, you’re not alone. 58% of Canadians report “overload” associated with their many roles according to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Feeling guilty about neglecting your different roles, finding it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand or if you’re always feeling tired are all signs of being overwhelmed.
Taking the time to prioritize the things that really need to get done, including planned rest breaks in the day, and receiving support from Counsellors, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and other health care workers will keep you in a more balanced state and provide you with the support you require.

 "No man is hurt but by himself" - Diogenes.

Its important to note that every person's experience is created internally, by him or herself. No one outside can tell you whether you are "hurt or overwhelmed" or not.  If you feel hurt by something or someone, it is the result of your decision to feel that way. For example, if you feel let down by a friend for talking behind your back or even by your wife for cheating on you, you can become angry and retaliate, or you can forgive the person and decide how you want to go forward with that relationship - ie: say goodbye to it or work at improving it.  Similarly, if you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you want to achieve in the coming week, step back and assess how you can delegate, postpone or remove things from your list.  The key is to take responsibility for your emotions and become the master of them, rather than allowing them to rule you.  Check in with yourself regularly and ask yourself "How am I feeling?"  "How can I change my perspective on this situation" and "What do I need to change in order to feel better?"

Meditation - Meditation may well be the biggest healer of our time.  The health benefits range from managing stress and lowering blood pressure to reducing inflammation and even changing physical problems on a cellular level.
Meditation also helps in increasing focus and awareness. It allows you to connect your soul with your physical body and mind and thus opens the doors to knowledge, wisdom, and consciousness. There are numerous ways to learn to meditate so if you're having trouble getting started, join a class or even start with a guided yoga nidra meditation on YouTube.

Esoteric Acupuncture - Esoteric acupuncture works with the Chakra system to rebalance the energy just outside of the dense body energy field.  Patients who do this work will notice different emotions surfacing that will provide a gateway to the healing process.  It too connects the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves and provides personal insight.

These are just a few suggestions for supplementing your well being.  There is so much out there to explore and finding what brings you into balance is part of the fun!

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